Photography Competition


The very broad theme for this year’s village fete photography competition was:


‘The Kirtlington We Know and Love’.

Here are the winners and the winning pictures from this year's competition for the 2018 Calendar

Congratulations to Tracey Shaw who was the overall winner with 21 votes in the winter section

Spring winners:
1st. Brian Cherry, Sunset, 18 votes, 
2nd. Izzie Brinkworth 13 votes, 
3rd. Brian Cherry, Akeman St, 12 votes,
Summer winners:
1st. Amanda Deadman 12  votes: 
2nd.Gill Summerfield 10 votes
3rd. Lydia Boodell  7 votes
Autumn winners:
1st equal:  Jacqui Hogan and Benedict East   14 votes
3rd.  Bethan Hilsdon  10 votes
Winter winners:
1st. Tracey Shaw  21 votes - Overall winning picture
2nd. Corin Allen  19 votes
3rd. Steve Straker 9 votes





See below for the winning pictures in last year's competition


The annual photography competition in 2016 was:

Kirtlington scenes through the Seasons.


We produced a calendar for 2017. We needed 12 photographs, one for each month and the overall winner had their photo on the cover. 


There was  one overall winner, who received a trophy and a copy of the calendar. There was also a copy of the calendar for everyone whose pictures were chosen to go in it. 


Here are the winners


Johan Burger, overall winner and had five photos voted for.

Chloe Evans (aged 12) had both of her photos voted for.
Spring winners:
1st. Jacqui Hogan 21 votes, 
2nd.Rachel Levy 19 votes, 
3rd.Steve Straker 12 votes,
Summer winners:
1st.Sarah Bryson 31 votes: 
2nd.Chloe Evans 11 votes
3rd.Chloe Evans 8 votes
Autumn winners:
1st. Johan Burger 40votes - Overall winning picture
2nd. Johan Burger 20 votes
3rd. Jan Sprake 12 votes, 
Winter winners:
1st. Johan Burger 27 votes
2nd. Johan Burger 25 votes
3rd. Johan Burger 16 votes


Below is a slideshow of the winning pictures for 2016 which will soon be available as our 2017 village calendar. Many thanks to everyone for their contributions.


The First prize for 2015 was won by Joe Straker, with this classic architectural pose...


See below for photos from previous years.